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Our “L.E.A.R.N.” (Leadership, Empowerment, Accountability, Responsibility, and Networking) explores comprehensive youth civic engagement that exposes youth to local, regional and national government operations; key community influencers and opportunities to actively engage the community around social and civic issues. Through exposure and education, youth are positioned to become agents of change within their respective communities.  Teens learn the decision making process, effective communications, community engagement and mobilization, strategic partnership development.  They also leverage their new found leadership skills to engage their peers around critical issues affecting youth.
The “L.E.A.D.S.” (Listen, and Educating ourselves about, Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide) explores emotional learning, anxiety and depression deterrence, anti-bullying, self-awareness and suicide prevention and self and social consciousness associated with the participant’s characteristic and personality traits.  The benefit to the participant is that they will be able to identify their traits, strengths, weaknesses, dealing with difficult people, managing stress, taking charge, conflict resolution reducing stressors affecting academic performance.​
Work Force Development and Outreach:
Workforce Development and Outreach focuses on identifying barriers to career development.  The topics covered are: resume writing, interviewing skills, effective communications, diversity management, time management, team building, leadership styles, etc.  Teens will learn methods on workforce etiquette and decision making with respect to a career utilizing their skills, interest, and ability.  This module helps foster growth and the likelihood of a successful career.  Teens will have the ability to intern and shadow industry professional and receive real work world experience helping to navigate career choices.
Parent Empowerment Group (P.E.G.):
The purpose of the “Parent Empowerment Group (P.E.G.)” program is to provide parent, guardians, and significant others with planning, review and implementation of WIATC programs and committees.  WIATC recruits' parents of Walking In Authority participants for involvement in professional development opportunities, outreach, meetings, conferences and other related activities designed to enhance the role of parents in supporting and educating each other. Parents research opportunities to share resources, conduct workshops, and provide support to other parents bringing questions, concerns, and ideas regarding WIATC.  They serve as advisors on the committees to support the needs of the WIATC. 
Making IT Happen ALUMNI Mentoring Program:
This Mentoring program is where former participants return to mentor the present youth sharing their experiences, support, and advice.​​ ​
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